A New York City catchphrase popularized by Sidetalk (@sidetalknyc) that refers to being outside, staying active, and making moves, rather than sitting inside and doing nothing.
Oh you wanna know where I'm at? We Outside!
by ItsLittyInDaCity November 28, 2021
To be down with the crazy stuff in the streets.
We outside my n*gga!
by Jay044 April 3, 2021
Ignoring stay at home protocols and going out having fun.
Covid-19 who?! We outside!”
by Shawndoe April 30, 2021
When you ride dirt bikes/ 4 wheelers or anything with wheels in the streets #Bike life#getitingear
Buddy: what was all them dirtbikes and 4 wheelers doing in the streets

Me: you know we outside every weekend
by SCREWED UP CLICK January 13, 2022