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Differs kinda of bikers from BMX,mountain bikes, motorcycles found in streets doing wheelies in large groups
Yo my boy popped a wheelie had a 12 o'clock my boy got blocks bike life up ya hurd
by Thekid udontknow October 20, 2016
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Bike life is a movement that helps people get out of gangs and into biking. Bike life also means a group of people ride motorcycles, bmx, s.e bikes, ect and do wheelies in a pack.
Bike life my guy ! Bikes up guns down!!
by Wyan4541815 May 28, 2018
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A term people who ride motorcycles identify with. It's bike and life and not some other shit, it's life and bike and we do this shit.
Not it in for the bitches, in it for the life, bike life.

Nigga, I'm all about bikelife son.

Niggas are getting into bikelife for all the wrong reasons now, yaheard.
by The Real Ryan Gosling May 20, 2015
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#973Bikeife bikelife a worldwide sport where people ride in larger groups and pop wheelies for block and miles.
Nas_hnm runs NJ bikelife #973BikeLife this what we do.
by Biology June 18, 2018
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Bike life is a life syle. Its your escape from life. Poping wheelies with your pack. Whether your on a petal bike or a dirt bike that bike is life.
Its that bike life . ya dig
by Bl.JayR September 09, 2019
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