Carrying on regardless of the situation. It can also be used as a way of saying ‘yes’ to an outing. See example 2
1. Took an L today but we move
2. A: Drakes coming central today, do you wanna guys go?

B: We move
by Tingpkh July 10, 2019
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When something was supposed to happen but you let it slide
The girl I was meant to knack is on her period,so we what?? We move
by Bluntola January 3, 2020
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When something good happens to someone or if two or more people are in an agreement.
Person 1: Should we get takeaway?

Person 2: Sure

Person 1: We moveeeeee
by Divock Origi June 27, 2019
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Said after telling someone something negative, but isn't the end of the world. It's annoying, but you'll be fine, you'll survive and move on
Person A: I failed that maths test yesterday

Person B: Oh that sucks I'm sorry

Person A: Ah it'll be grand, we live, we move
by rain_in_spain November 12, 2022
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The sentence a Dire Straits fan uses to indicate he's leaving the room/area.
George: Wow, that was a fun night, man.
Bob: Hell yeah, bro.
George: You and Kyle gonna stick around for some drinks?
Bob: Nah, we gotta move some microwave ovens.
by RockingRoller August 15, 2011
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