A Waylen is definitely the most amazing person you will ever meet. They are so good looking and you won't be able to get over it. They're so trustworthy and a wonderful best friend. They're funny to the point you can't ever really have a serious moment with them when you're face to face, except when it's really needed. They're someone who will stick with you and try as hard as they can to never let you down. They're really smart and willing to help you with anything. A Waylen is someone you'd want to spend the rest of your life laughing and enjoying everything beautiful, sad, exciting, breathtaking, and terrifying ever since the day you fist talk to them. A Waylen makes you sure if things. A Waylen is also a seriously good baseball player. You'll definitely want to bang a Waylen if you meet one.
"Did you see Waylen today?"

"Yes, he was looking good in his baseball pants and was running around naked!"
by 4ndyS4mberg June 22, 2013
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An amazing Mini & BMW racing specialist & technician. A Waylen is often charming, and fun to be around. A dedicated entrepreneur who cares about the larger community. A true Waylen is handsome and engaging.
The design team really needed a Waylen.

The pit crew said he was a Waylen!
by Demon Speeding February 3, 2010
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That sexy, sexy person has a sexy, sexy middle name, Waylen.
by OSW January 9, 2012
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waylen- or waylonie. honestly one of the best guys to ever exist. he literally makes ur heart melt with the stupid things he says or does. he’s a charmer but knows how to impress a girl. he’s “goofy” but he’s just being himself around you. you don’t ever wanna lose him if you get him.
i love you waylen. 💗
by somegirlmadlyinlove November 21, 2021
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