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Could be used as a replacement for "yeah same" or "true".
Matt: "Yo Lindsay Lohan really let herself go......."
Joe: "Haha i know. Waylaid."


Beth:"Omg i studied for that test all night and i STILL failed."
by Rowland polanski February 24, 2013
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Among other definitions, getting Waylaid describes the last minute sexual event that causes you to be late.

On your WAY out the door, your partner approaches you sexually and you get LAID.
BOSS: "Steve why are you 3 minutes late? what's your excuse this time?"

STEVE: "Sorry Boss, my girlfriend waylaid me this morning. Can't turn that down!"

BOSS: "Quickie sex with your super hot girlfriend should not be as high a priority in your life as running my shit errands and kissing my ass. You're Fired"
by FantinoBoy June 09, 2010
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