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A rapper that has sporadically appeared on BET's "Uncut". DJ Waxamillion is a very underground artist, so therefore it's quite difficult to find material of his. The only known song by this no-name rapper seems to be "I Ain't Got No Panties On".

Check it out some time. Good shit.

DJ Waxamillion was the best rapper on BET's Uncut.
by ookooknigga February 28, 2006
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He is an unknown, wildcard rapper specializing in bass rap. I can credit him with one great single "Ain't Got No Panties On," but I have yet to come across any of his other work. Perhaps he was an underground one hit wonder. Who knows. All the matters is that "Ain't Got No Panties On" is a prodigious track that should be listened to by all.
Waxamillion is so underground that Jim can't even find a webpage about him or with lyrics to his songs.
by The General July 28, 2004
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