same as ghetto wawa

it is the smaller of the two wawa's found on darby road in Havertown. No matter what time you go you will always walk past a group of smokers outside and run into someone you know inside.
"yo, which wawa are we going to?"
"little wawa"
by cvsgirl January 16, 2014
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A small town on the eastern shore of Lake Superior, synonymous with the term "Buttfuck, Nowhere".
Caroline: I moving up north to Wawa, Ontario.
Bob: Isn't that like Buttfuck, Nowhere?
Caroline: Yeah, pretty much.
by aVRO aRROW July 10, 2018
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Group of people usually middle age men that hang out in front of convenience stores blocking the entrance and cursing to each other and stare at every car that pulls up most of these losers are either county workers or appear to be homeless.
Please get out of my way so I can enter I don't work for the county so I gotta go Wawa loiterers
by superboy789 August 12, 2013
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flat footed walks with feet pointing to the sides rather the front
that wawa footed *%""!**^$ just squashed my toes and i stood at his side
specially to keep safe!
crab walking *""$£^^*%%$ wawa feet.
by Anna65 April 06, 2009
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generally an illegal immigrant from mexico, central or south america whiling to do some of the shittiest jobs that most americans have no desire to do. typically they wear cowboy boots blue jeans and a flannel button down. their 8-15 hour day of hard labor almost always ends with an envelope of no more then 80 dollars cash.
before we head to the job this morning we must pick up an itchie wawa in front of mcdonalds on main street

i do not want to rake my lawn so i will just get an itchie wawa to take care of it

that itchie wawa looked in his envelope and asked for more money, i said get the fuck out of my truck before i call the INS
by Bfischer December 06, 2010
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Typical jersey, guido boy that loves eating gold fishies and dolphins. Calls everyone kid and all girls boo. Is soooo goodlooking and breaks the mirror when told differently. If you ask him where's the mirror? He'll say threw it out the window because it lied. He loves monkeys and will hug them. Does the fist pump down the shore. Loves the name Giulia (spelled that way too). Sports diesels, jeans, button-downs (pink ones). Gives away his hoodies to all his boo's.
Will go out of his way for everyone and anyone! Will make sure your ok before himself. And most of all, loves his family.

aka jojo, wawa, jojo mcbobo, joe, joey, brasiolini, pino.
Yooo JoJo Wawaaaaaaaaaa step up kid! kkk? xoxoxo...mwah!
by CC and PP February 06, 2006
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