A near impossible code to break when used correctly.
when used properly one can successfully hide their intentions.
1.water balloon = a pipe, bowl, bong etc...
2.splashed= stoned, drunk, light headed etc...
3.soaked= too fu*ked up to do something.
This code if used correctly will keep your wrong doings under the radar.
stryder: hey bro wanna have a water balloon fight?
carl: hell yeah bro i wanna get splashed!
stryder: alright man ready to leave?
carl:nah man im soaked.
by Big Mig 505 June 21, 2011
When a guy wraps a balloon over his dick, then he jizzes in someone's ass, ties off the balloon, and they fart it out, which usually causes it to pop. Get others involved and it's a water balloon fight!
Dude, Amanda is bored, should we get together and have a water balloon fight?
by Smash0605 June 25, 2022
its when you dont jerk-off for a year or so and you have sex with a girl and you bust a load in a comdom and you tie it close then you hit her in the face with it
dude i didnt jerk-off for a year and i was fuckin this girl and i shot a big load off and i tie the end of the comdom and then i did the water balloon fight to her
by doom308 December 24, 2010