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A 'waste cadet' is someone who has no hope in life. Usually someone who is a student or on the doll and spends their life either in bed or on the sofa. They are often a stoner and can spend many days not leaving their home.

A typical day in the life of a 'waste cadet' would be:

wake up....go down stairs...turn tele on...light a
Andy: Do you think nic will be up for clubbing tonight.

Justin: Nah mate is has been a proper waste cadet recently...hasnt left the sofa in 2 weeks
by Andrew21_12 September 16, 2010
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Being a bum, doing nothing all day apart from the same stuff over and over, and its all done in your own house.

Always being lazy, but staying chilled out, just relaxing and being laid back.

Its a whole life stlye, the way you live, the way you do your work, the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you log on to your computer, the way you do anything.

And yet when the NEED comes you do it, but you do it slowly and at a pace others don't know how to go, and it always seems to get done in a good and decent way.
Damn, such a wastecadet!

Hurry up you wastecadet.

Gotta get it done wastecadet.

I'm a wastecadet and happy to be one, now go away i'm sleeping.
by DMC13 August 12, 2006
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waste cadet means 'prick' basicly
person 1: oi waste cadet you scratched my car

Person 2: sorry man it was an accident, and wtf is a waste cadet?

Person 1: you are a waste cadet, you waste cadet.
by Lee sinclair October 09, 2006
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Same meaning as wasteman more or less...
Somone who's virtually signing up to waste their life away, and make nothing of their selfs.
Dave: I can't even spell properly today, i must be a proper waste cadet!

Barry: Dave, your a waste cadet!
by GBX March 26, 2008
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Some one who is starting to be a wasteman is called a waste cadet.
'Ben Scott is a wastecadet''
by LIVID-__- April 09, 2007
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sum1 who wants 2 be a wasteman/gash wen they grow up
"rebecca is such a wastecadet"

"wen rebecca grows up she wants 2 be a wasteman so now she is a wastecadet"
by fury_2k6 August 02, 2006
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