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When a beautiful angel of a girl tells you that you make her body hot like Wasabi when you are trying to orgasm
I was on the phone with Sabrina while playing with myself at the same time as she was trying to dirty talk to me and said "you make my body hot like wasabi" as i was orgasming. she gave me a Wasabigasm.

this orgasm was brought to by Google.
by Hairybombastic December 02, 2013
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The facial contortions and noises produced by the over-enthusiastic consumption of wasabi as an condiment for sushi. The facial expression and 'nnnnggg' noise bears a close similarity to the facial expressions and noises that accompany an orgasm, especially the over exaggerated expressions of porn stars.
Look at Dave's face - he's having a wasabigasm!

Be careful - that last spicy tuna nigri made me wasabigasm.
by Killdozer July 15, 2009
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