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The funniest guy in every group. Larger than average when it comes down to business. Usually meets crazy girls and lives in a world that should be a sitcom. Can carry out an intellectual conversation but is the best guy to get drunk or high with.
If u meet funniest guy ever where funny ironic shit happens to him you've met a Warsama
by High-life June 17, 2010
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Warsamas are the ultimate ladies men, behind the computer. Warsama's life is usually like a commedy. Something good will happen but just before he gets satisfaction, his luck will spiral downward. If you are a Warsama, most of the girls you date are likely to be crazy or extremely dangerous. Even though things get bad, Warsamas can always look at themselves and laugh.

Warsama also means: Masturbating while your parents are home. Often times when they are in the other room.
"Billy, are you Warsamaing again?"

"No mom! It's the T.V.
by Shelly-P June 17, 2010
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