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Located in the middle of no where, Warren Hills High School is surrounded by schools that outperform them in all aspects of life. From academics, to athletics, Warren Hills is secondary is just about everything. On any given day, one can walk down the halls of the school and hear english, spanish, russian, and arabic spoken. The preppy kids dress primarily in Aeropostale and American Eagle, and just about everyone else is "trying to find themselves." Stuck securely in the middle to lower class, students at "Hills" have little motivation and drive in the classroom, which causes poor academic ratings for the school on a whole. In the athletic arena, Warren Hills athletes often pussy out in the biggest of moments and have no idea how to win.

Unfortunately, the towns that surround the school provide absolutely zero entertainment. Because of this, all the preppy kids drive to neighboring towns on the weekends for fun, while everyone else hangs around the schools landmark: Quick Check. Located less than a mile from the school, Quick Check represents the place where all the future townies hangout.

Once in a while, kids that attend Warren Hills do well. There are some very good students, and good athletes who go on to prestigious universities, or to the NCAA. These students, and their friends generally have fond memories of their time at Hills, even though they will admit it is a fairly dull place to grow-up. Everyone else, is too naive to realize the dump that they come from.
During a basketball game against a rival school several years ago, students from the opposing team's student section chanted "stick to bowling" while they were blowing Warren Hills out in the 4th quarter. The reasoning behind this? Bowling is one of the few sports Warren Hills High School consistently excels at.
by lovedahills December 13, 2010
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