place where eavesdropping equipment is not allowed. Place to plan a war out of the ears and eyes of the public
Trump is preparing a war room in the whitehouse.
by Kayangelyn May 27, 2017
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When a group of people in a room get turnt on the same subject and it pisses everyone in the room off
Bruh last night I had a major war room in my hotel room
by Fire Commander May 24, 2015
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noun - in a political campaign, it is the location of the 24-7 media monitoring operation. It also performs other functions such as sending press releases and making YouTube propaganda videos.

War Room staffers tend to be heavy smokers and drinkers who party hard and have highly sarcastic senses of humor. This is a result of working long hours and the thankless nature of the job. While they are known to be very good in bed, they are also very quick to choke out other campaign staffers who impede their work.
"I can't believe that the War Room managed to email the morning newspaper clips at 5am this morning, since they were all at the bar taking shots of tequilla and getting Ledgered until 3am."
by jsm12 December 22, 2008
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Another term for bathroom. Where men go to wage battles against fierce and violent enemies, both foreign and domestic in nature. Most men who enter the War Room will face trial by fire and trial by pain, but will ultimately emerge victorious.
Person 1: "Hey man you look terrible! Are you alright?"
Person 2: "Yeah bro I'll be ok. Just got done in the War Room and the battle was worse than anticipated but I will be fine."
by DMTex254 April 17, 2022
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