Basically when a girl wants a guy's d, d for dick, d for digit, d for depth, you get the idea..
Vicky likes this guy called Dom, she was thinking of nicknames for him.
"I know what she'll call him! She'll call him om, cause she wants the d"
by Badlass March 12, 2013
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Lit., "She wants the dick", a way of saying that a female wants your penis in her hand or in one of her orifices. The amount that a female "wants the D" can in fact be calculated with this simple formula:

x = total hours paying attention to your words
y = her seemingly pointless interest in you, counted in weeks
z = number of times she has stated, in anger at your conceit and arrogance, that she definitely does NOT want the dick (and never will).

Note that z can be a negative number, if she has stated that she wants the dick.

a = How much she (the subject of interest) wants the dick

For z = 0, a = x + ( y / x )

For z > 0, a = ( 0 - z )

For z < 0, a = x + y ( - z )

Lopez's law:
For z < 0, a cannot exceed 2x because she cannot possibly want the dick that much.

Baker's law:
For z > 0, a cannot exceed 1, because if she has said she does not want the dick, she may want you to work for it, and will want the dick more at a future time, although not currently.
by 28017013 January 10, 2012
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when a chick wants your cock in and around her mouth/vagina.
by Lee McChesney April 26, 2008
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Anthony : Who you texting Bruh ?
Nucci : A thirsty bitch .... SHE WANT THE D !
by NucciMontana March 3, 2014
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A faggot who wants the dick. (See "she wants the d")
That twink in the Blue Oyster bar has been listening to Chad nonstop. He wants the D!
by Dave W. Smith Jr. Jr. April 18, 2014
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