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'Wankers' Callous' is loosely defined by the New England Journal of Wankology as "any light abrasion to the shaft of the penis due to either excessive or angry wanking". Whilst cases of Wankers' Callous are historically rare, when it occurs the event can be overwhelming as a short hiatus from masturbation is mandatory.
Doctor: Timmy, I'm afraid you've developed Wankers' Callous. You'll need to lay off the angry wanking; you've wanked your foreskin raw.

Hitler: Doctor Goldman just informed me that mein wankers' callous will not heal until I stop beating mein mutterzerkleinerungsmaschine. All the Jews must pay for this diagnosis.

Timmy: Doctor, your diagnosis made me so angry that I angry wanked my foreskin straight off my penis. It flew out of my hand and down my mother's throat. She died from asphyxiation.
by BGH122 May 20, 2010
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