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Wanjiru - Is a Kenyan (female) name.

Wanjiru's are beautiful inside and out. They are the sweetest girls you will meet. They have beautiful hearts and are so much fun. Wanjiru's are very bubbly and like to have fun. They are very cool girls. They are also amazing friends, you can always trust a Wanjiru. They are always up for an adventure.

They can be very moody, irritable, bitchy and aggressive, but their good always outweighs their bad.

Short-form of the name 'Shiru/Chiru'
Say as (One-G-Row) (She-Row)
"Just met the coolest girl ever"
"She's Definately a Wanjiru"

"I'm definately naming my daughter Wanjiru"
by Bam_Bam04 January 17, 2012
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