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A combination of being bitchy and self-righteously angry about something, while simultaneously encapsulating something akin to an adult version of an infant loudly screaming "Whaaaa!".
After Whitney found out that she had been passed over for promotion, she became quite wanchy about it and was even less pleasant than usual to be around.
by Dr. 34 November 15, 2018
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Wanchy (wayn-chi)

1. (an exclamation dislike, distaste, dissatisfaction or disgust): WANCHY!

2. Disagreeable, gross, not as bad as disgusting but worse than gross. Like "gross" only weirder.
Man, that chicken was wanchy.
My roommate opened the fridge after a long summer to find a pizza left in the fridge (a little too long.)

All he could say was "That is some wanchy pizza!"
by Jekkaosu April 30, 2009
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