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Otherwise said as Wang Tin, this word describes a person who has a phat ass
Damn, that chick's Wan Ting.
by THrashingi November 19, 2018
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The loveliest and sweetest girl you’ll ever meet, the way she smile will just melt you down into soft mushy plushies. Hold her tight and never let her go, she’s a one in a million.
Wan Ting is the most lovely and beautiful lady I’ve ever set my eyes on. She’s such a Wan Ting
by Holycowwhatahottie June 05, 2018
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Way to describe a person who has low self esteem and always requires attention.

Person who sends you 20 messages a day and doesn't even wait for a response.
That loser is always wanting.
by Aleas July 05, 2014
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