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1.) Hang your female of choice from meat hooks in a cold room. (below 32oF)
2.) Eat out her plump, pre-non shaven vagina (see Fur-Burger)
3.) Taunt your women with a plump t-bone steak to further her hunger for meat.
4.) Proceed to climb a foot stool and mount the woman.
5.) Next continue to pound her butt-hole with a juicy, lubed, hair-ridden penis. ;

viola! thus, Wampa Sex!
1.) "I heard Lars gave some dirty wampa sex on Hoth on Friday."

2.) Girl #1: "I just don't know if wampa sex is the right thing to do, but he really wants to."
Girl #2: "If he wants it, just do it once. you won't regret it." :)
by Dah Milkman April 12, 2009
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