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1. The generally accepted term a group of more than one walrus (a glorious sea and land dwelling animal).

2. This also applies to the sexual technique dubbed "The Walrus". This technique involves ensnaring a lady friend and receiving oral sex from her. On the point of ejaculation the male comes in the girls mouth and punches her in the stomach (without removing his penis for 3 seconds). This forces his semen to froth from the lady's nose, forming tusks. As she moans from the punch to her stomach the male steps back and watches his own created walrus in all of its glory.

The "walrii" technique involves much the same motions except that two or more males must participate with an equal amount of ensnared lady friends at any given time.
1. Look at that glorious posse of walrii basking in the summer sun by the beach. It's majestic.

2. "Shit, me and Matt ensnared these two drunk girls last night. Pulled the walrii on them back at my place. You shoulda seen those cum tusks. She'll be smellin me for weeks!"
by iHeartYourMa March 28, 2010
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The accepted Plural form amoungst many Walrii communities for more than one Walrus. A great and ingenious use of modern day latin and Welsh to confuzzle the general masses.
Many Walrii have tried to eat my hat but it shalt remain only slightly foxed.
by Madfatman December 28, 2004
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An ostrich-like creature most commonly found in the barrens. These creatures survive mostly by petty crime. Although they are experienced criminals they are very weak and easy to fight off or kill if neccessary.
Motherfucking Walrii stole my fucking wallet!
by nighthex September 21, 2006
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