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A. verb:Stealing someones purchased items and either drinking them(Beer, Liquor, Downhome punch) or consuming them(Fries or Nuggets). B. Hiding your beer in a natural enviornment so it will not get walldogged. C. Going to suck penis. D. Hitting someone in the privates with a fly swatter while they're asleep. E. On your way to get intoxicated.

A. noun: A. can or bottle of Bud Light. B. The urge you get when you want to drink a lot of Bud Lights. C. A homosexual who recieves erections from small children, Copenhagen, Bud Light(of course), and big meaty tires or really fast cars(5.0) D. a fly swatter(walldogger) E. An irish folk jig that involves clogging and a double leg hop at the end.
"Who just walldogged the Wall-dog?"-Timmy W.
Don't mind him, he's just a walldog.
Dude Waller is so wierd? Yeah I know he's such a wall-dog.
by Paulram October 12, 2010
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A:a faggot fuck. B: someone who likes to lube dicks up with copenhagen dip spit before performing oral sex upon them. C: getting a blowjob from a less than attractive person. D: being intoxicated from the consumption of bud light. E: any form of repetitive foot movement concluded by a heel-click. F: a person who likes to make 'i dont know' and 'you're clean' faces at every oppurtunity
I was walldogged last night and got a walldog from an asain prostitute
by bobby big nuts October 25, 2010
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