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A complete douchebag, who talks shit on facebook. These people usually have vane pictures of themselfs for their profile picture, have little to no freinds, and hit the gym to overcompensate for their lack of inteligence and game.
Matt: "Wall Post" Yo ron, i eat hamburgers all day, i think i can kick your ass. I dont think anyone who is as skinny as you can do anything to me. I think you should shut up before i shut you up

Ron: "Wall Comment" Fuck you dude, im not gonna take shit from you. you wanna talk shit, but i wanna kick your ass. meet me in the parking lot at lunch.

Matt: "Wall Comment" i dont wanna get in trouble, but i can still kick your as if i tried...

Ron: "Wall Comment" your such a wall douche
by Ronald Alakai August 12, 2010
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