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Typically an individual, who walks on the street, who looks like an outright wanker.
A wanker being, a person who "wanks" (masturbates). Which in essence, includes everyone.

Some deviants may include: Wanka, Vanka, Wanko, Wenka, Wonka, Wnkah, 'anka, 'nkerrr, and etc.
A white pretentious tourist wanker walks down the sidewalk of a rural ghetto village in the Exotic slums of my anus, on the pothole ridden road rides a group of hooligans in a rundown black Toyota Rush, shouting out the malfunctioning windows the following phrase in an act of general defiance against imperialism, political correctness, and general wankery:
"Walking Wanker"
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by MehendhiSukrabhatiapurengeh December 24, 2016
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