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n. Anyone who is or has been a student at a Waldorf School or a Steiner School (if you are in Europe. )
No matter how long one has gone to a Waldorf School, they are still a Waldork
Phoebe is a Waldork, she can knit a sock while unicycling backwards .
Chris is a Waldork, has been attending a Waldorf School since he was 4 years old.
by Queen of Waldorks June 21, 2016
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A person with a severe mental deficiency. They lack logic, critical thinking, intelligence, and gender. IF one is detected, it should be aborted without regard for age, nationality, legal preceding or social standing.
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by U a cunt February 03, 2017
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Someone who was born and raised in good ol' Waldorf,MD.
Girl: I live in Fort Washington. Where you live?

Boy: Lucky, I one of those waldorks from good ol' Chuck county.
by phatasswhitegirl March 13, 2011
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