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Nestled in Medway, near to Lordswood and Chatham, it would be expected that it would be full of chavs too- but although there are some, few live here, mostly they live in Lordswood, Weedswood and Chatham. Walderslade has many different groups, and the elderly live in certain areas peacefully and happily, as many areas of Walderslade are more posh and peaceful than those in other areas of Medway.
by Stroidy December 12, 2010
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Chav Central

Hidden deep in the medway taaaawns. This chavvy little hole emits the very core of chav and chavette population.

mostly old council houses and flats, with parades of cheap shops selling overpriced goods
Faaack me, dont mess with those charva's they from the walderslade
by Bates me November 10, 2004
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