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An Arabic name meaning "my love." An extraordinary man whose innate intelligence, kindness, wit, and courage are clear to everyone but himself (a fact his 'light' tries to illuminate for him day by day). A man born with the seed of greatness inside of him, which will flourish, given the proper care and the courage to take leaps without knowing where he might gain his balance again. A man who I met once and never let go for fear of losing the love of my life and the most extraordinary person I've ever met. One with whom to grow in a lifetime of love, laughter, and adventure, in search for fulfillment of mutual ambitions and the quiet moments of deep contentment.
"I wrote this definition for Wajdi without telling him; maybe one day, chance will bring him here, and he'll be reminded again of how much I love him and how deserving he is of that love."
by ckonscider August 07, 2014
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1. (verb) The application of cool, or otherwise sexy-scandalous. Usually pertains to the ability to captivate and inspire a number of people with ease. 2. (noun) or to be the sufferer of a rare autosomal recessive disorder that causes the affected person to ooze charisma unintentionally.
1. Man walks onto set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and says, "Where is the parking lot?" Promptly, Angelina Jolie who was in the middle of the romp scene with Brad stops what she is doing and jumps the man, tearing his clothes off. Man pretends to be surprised, but actually he isn't because he is pulling a wajdi.

After the fact:

Hazim (man): "Yo, you won't believe what I did on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith last year."
Acap (Hazim's roommate): "What?"
Hazim: "I wajdied Angelina Jolie in the middle of the romp scene."
Acap: "No way.. damn genes."

2. Man in example one happens to suffer from Wajdi.
by Ayub May 07, 2008
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