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A mythical creature for which no known scientific evidence actually exists, yet which millions of allegedly intelligent people believe in, sort of like Jesus or the democratic process.
Jane Doe: Did you hear about the wage gap?
John Doe: Did you hear about that chick who believes everything she hears without doing any actual research on the issue herself?
by That Guy With the Goggles July 27, 2015
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What is perhaps the shittiest concept ever heard of.

Supposedly, the "wage gap" is about how American women are paid less than men for doing the EXACT same work. Anyone could see the flaws with this, but apparently, intelligent people still need to educate the morons.

Imagine this:
1) One man and one woman are doing the EXACT same work.
2) I pay the man $20 an hour, but I only have to pay the woman $18.

Look at it. Now perhaps someone can tell me why in the world I would hire a male if I could pay a female less for the same work? If they both worked 40 hours a week, then that translate to me saving over $4,000 for ONE WORKER every year if I exclusively hire females instead of males.

Keeping that in mind, lets say I have a company that can use 500 workers. If I were to exclusive hire females who all work 40 hour weeks for $18, then I could save over $2 million a year! Hiring males exclusively mean I would lose that saving even though both the males and females do the exact same kind of work!

So perhaps someone can explain this "wage gap". No one can? Then I'll explain it. IT IS COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT. As I have shown by example above, it makes absolutely no economical sense, yet there are so many morons out there who whole-heartedly believe in this obvious lie.

The problem with this "wage gap" is that moron researchers sometimes take the pay of EVERY man and EVERY woman, then they average it without taking into account the type of job. Other idiotic researchers won't take into account variables such as absenteeism. There's a whole bunch of fucking problems with the wage gap researching that has been done so far.

The biggest problem, however, is that dumbasses would rather listen to blatant propaganda rather than do their own research.
Female Employee: Why are you paid more than me? We do the same kind of work!

Male Employee: Wrong, bitch. You're absent most of the time.
by BusinessMan August 09, 2005
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A made up idea, by feminists not doing all the research needed to fine the answer to the "wage gap"
Many people have it in there head that women get paid less to do the same job as men. The truth is that they dont take in the different hours worked by men and women, and don't take in to account the number of days worked per year, or the positions worked.

Feminist #1 "Wait, you work at a 5 star steakhouse, and I work at a McDonalds?"
Male subject "Yea."
Feminist #1 "WTF why don't we get paid the same!!!" *TRIGGERD
by The official moon truther November 08, 2017
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