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an Arabic name that means reliable, trustworthy, or loyal
by itsdude November 12, 2017
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the term 'Wafi' means, Numan and Nuha are in love
Wafi and went to the chicken and chips shop =)
by 123456677jdfjsdf June 25, 2019
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Aussie slang for yacht enthusiast.
Wind, assisted, fucking , idiot.
Those yachtie cunts give me the shits.

Fucking Wafi's.
by LittleCasey May 24, 2018
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'''WAFI''' means What A Fucking Idiot, or for those who use less a expletive vocabulary What A Foolish Idiot
It is often used in reply to Facebook posts (where you wish after having read the post, that Facebook would give us a "Shaking My Head" emoji) to express exasperation, or to marvel at the idiocy put before us.
After reading his post, all I can say is WAFI, #shakingmyhead smh
by BoatBum September 23, 2017
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