an Arabic name that means reliable, trustworthy, or loyal
by itsdude November 12, 2017
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Aussie slang for yacht enthusiast.
Wind, assisted, fucking , idiot.
Those yachtie cunts give me the shits.

Fucking Wafi's.
by LittleCasey April 09, 2018
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A perfection by definition. An Intelligent & loved by many especially his comrades. A wise man beyond his age. A faithful companion & a loving lover. Always true to himself and never pretends to be someone he's not. You'll love to hang around him as he is funny as hell! Open-minded and a caring person. Once you're in his important list, you'll be one of his priority a lifetime! Unpredictable, fun and outgoing- you'll have perfect night out with him. Easy on the eyes and a heart-throb. He can make someone fall in love with him head iver heels if he wants too! Born to be a leader & prosper throughout his life with endless love, wealth & health.
Wafie is always out there, conquering the World and succeeding in doing so. His presence always sparks energy!
by Quora Definition December 29, 2017
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Pure powder snow that comes down extremely lightly and creates the ultimate skiing gnar. Once you have made first tracks, the wafie is only powder at best
These wafies are hitting the breck back bowls brah, we gotta get back there before they're ruined
by IDunkOnYou March 02, 2011
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