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Waffle-Hop is a place where drunks go when they can not decide whether or not to go to Waffle House or IHOP, eventually having to have the leader of the party (usually the drunkest) make an executive decision. The name is the result of the indecisive nature of a band of drunkards, and commonly ends up in a trip to your local county jail. Waffle-Hop is also home to several other undesirables such as stoners, creepers, and your average hobo.
Levi: Man, im so damn hungry..Waffle-Hop anyone?

Ethan: Damn straight we are going to Waffle-Hop, and we are taking Trent's truck!

Trent: Ok...but if the cops get called you guys better post up.
by Mr.Pary April 16, 2010
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