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Crunker than crunk; very exciting and full of energy; to be so crunk that you're in a trance; in the zone
Man... that stepshow is gonna be wyde!!!!

That was the wydest party ever!
by Potent P July 20, 2010
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WYDE also commonly used as WDYE (because that is the real abreviation but WYDE is easier to say). It is an abreviation of why do you exsist. It is a certain facial expresion that is often seen on faces of people that think you are very wierd or just hate you flat out. So if you are getting such a look from your girlfriend it might be time to move on because she is bored especially during the act of sex.
I walked into the room and Jessica just stood there giving me a WYDE(WDYE)look. That is when I realized that I was wearing my pants inside out.
by Michael Jaworsky January 04, 2008
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