1) Initials for "What would Jesus bomb?"

2) The question you ask Christian right wingers when they start to lecture or rant about the war in Iraq.
Argumentative Christian Girl at my Lunch Table: "You know, Zahck, you're immoral because you have no religion, you're unpatriotic because you don't agree with WHATEVER the government does and you ask questions, and you're wrong about the war. It's not pointless! We need to be there! The world is better!

Me: "Hey, hey, hey ... What Would Jesus Bomb?"

Argumentative Christian Girl at my Lunch Table: *staggered silence followed quickly by a pissed look*
by 2tone army October 28, 2004
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What Would Jesus Blog
I was going to Blog about that fine lady last night then I thought " WWJB"
by Weed Wacker Wally July 22, 2009
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Acronym for "What Would Jesus BLOG?"
"Access the internet and see WWJB."
by Jesus of Zion July 11, 2008
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