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B says "I dont know about taking this show.. I've taken too many already". Shaundog responds "WTWTCH!".
by tjmehta July 28, 2012
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What's The Worst That Could Happen?
Used as an attempt to encourage a suggestion. It can backfire sometimes.
A: Dude, let's go check out that car you want to buy.
B: I don't know, I just got my driver's licence last week.
A: Aw, come on! What's the worst that could happen?
B: You're right, let's go.
*tweets* About to test drive my future car. #WTWTCH

A: Man, let's go backpacking to Europe! What's the worst that could happen?
B: I don't know, getting mugged in a city where I don't understand a word? No, thanks.
A: Fine.
by GetJinxed April 11, 2014
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