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WNRS stands for Women's Numerical Ranking System. A revolutionized ranking system for men to help them measure the attractiveness of women. Based off the standard and traditional 1-10 system. A quicker and more clandestine way of saying "what would you rate her out of 10?" Instead you would say: What is her NR?

The term was coined by Lee Mosbaugh in 2012.
Scott: I am setting you up with the hottest girl dude!
Bill: What's her NR?
Scott: She is a solid 8.

Yo get me a collective NR from all the guys about that Asian chick... 5.5!!! Ew my minimum NR is a 7

WNRS is useful!
by diversaqueffa August 12, 2012
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WNRS - Stands for World Net Recovery Systems, an International Debt Collection Agency established in 1992 with headquarters in Miami, FL. The company has revolutionized the way debt collections are conducted via proprietary methods and operates in three sectors, B2B, B2C, and B2G throughout its worldwide operation centers.
Bob: Who can help me with collecting my past do debts?
John: WNRS can help you
by Therealnr September 26, 2019
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