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a short form for We need girlfriends, most of the time used by single males, who finally see that their lifes are crap and say that they need a girl
Holly shit man WNG, my wrist is killing me.
Man WNG, i am 27 now.

by Eric Longridge March 02, 2007
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Wash and Go

A style for natural hair, literally wash and go!
1: Girl are you going to do a twist out tonight?
2: Nope! No time for that it's a WNG day tomorrow
by gege201 September 16, 2013
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Will Never Go!
Expression to use if someone is seriously misled or has otherwise nutty plans and ideas.
Person #1: Listen, I have got this really good business plan where we will make loads of cash and stuff! And the best thing is: it's legal and it only depends on us working hard enough! What do you think? Are you in?
Person #2: Forget it!! WNG!!
by armn_ May 08, 2006
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