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(Adjective):stands for Why Men Love Bitches, or is used in reference to a woman who knows how to get a man and keep him wanting her.

The opposite of WMLB is AWMLB (anti) and refers to a needy girl who is at the man's disposal and ultimately scares him away. Not cool girl, now you lost your man! Be the dream girl not the doormat!
Landon: Hey Shantelle will you come over tonight so we can do nasty things?

Shantelle: (In her head: If i say yes that will be so not WMLB of me! I have to keep him guessing, even though i want to say yes!) No I'm busy tonight, but I'll let you know what my schedule looks like.

Landon sees the challenge and pursues her more, and Shantelle slowly but surely lures him in to her clutches.
by SquirrelBoy69 April 18, 2011
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