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Short for Washtenaw International High School, an IB school located in Michigan. Generally known for the very difficult IB program that its students are subjected to for 2 years, in which enough tears are shed to irrigate multiple villages and enough papers are written to fill up the local library (where most WIHI students find themselves spending the majority of their time anyways). Additionally, WIHI students become the absolute masters of procrastination. On the other hand, the students and teachers are some of the coolest people you'll ever meet.

Unlike the normal public school system, WIHI is a school you attend entirely by your own choice (or more accurately, your parents' choice), so you have to explain to everyone what it is, but you generally become an expert at that by the end of freshman year. Most people, upon hearing the name, instantly think of Wi-Fi, which is ironic, because the Wi-Fi at WIHI is easily one of the least reliable things on the planet.
When you're at WIHI, you're never not stressed, and you always have some major project due in a few days – yet somehow, you survive.
by the rade May 30, 2016
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