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"WHYP" stands for "Work How Your Paid. It is pronounced like wipe. The meaning is definitely a gangsta term at a job. Used to describe it's equal attempt to exert the same energy and effort to a job, that is equal to its pay in money.
Erf: hey, royell. You working hard?
Royell: this low paying job? Hell naw, you know I WHYP it.

Erf: yeahfo'sho. Fo'sho.
by Planet Erf Recordz October 14, 2015
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A 'whyp' is someone who betrays their friends and will always be a loner.
A: "You're a fucking whyp! You keep pushing everyone away!"
B: "I'm just not worth your time."
by kittycat05 June 07, 2018
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