a WEButation is someone's internet reputation
Honestly, I'd give my left nut to have his WEButation!

Professor Price is such a clown his WEButation is lower than an ant in a wheel rut

Joe's new internet company just went public and his WEButation is higher than a kite

If you think going to that meeting tonight will not destroy your WEButation you need a wakeup call

My WEButation just got goosebumps thinking microsoft will hire me as a senior developer

A great WEButation is far more important than money in the bank

Oh my God is Jane is basking in her new found WEButation

A great WEButation makes anyone the talk of the town

by luckyguy2k February 17, 2009
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A person making a debut into web celebrity status -- the latest hot cewebrity.
My friend Jon's new blog get so many hits it crashes the server. He's just entering cewebrity status. He's a webutant.
by Greg ONeill April 4, 2007
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