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Acronym for the Walking Blow Job

WBJ is what you would call somebody, that is so short, their head and mouth would lie very close to anotheres groin whilst standing.

Its generally credited as a great value to have as it makes for a very convenient Blow Job

The word may be used in a secret way with privvy friends to call somebody a midget without others understanding or being insulted.

It can also be used to take another persons Midget joke to the next level by throwing in the WBJ comment.
Scenario 1

Dion: Damn Scotty, check out that Walking Blow Job!!

Kyle: It's so good bruhhh! I reckon she'd take that Deeeeeaaak

Dion: Forsure bruh, shed be poppin D's while she walks down the street!

Kyle: Dibs!!!

Scenario 2

Dion: How good is new Mikes Missus, she is a legit WBJ!

Kyle: Full on pocket rocket, i'd tap that.

Dion: I wonder if she ever gets hungry for the D just walkin around staring a dicks.

Kyle: Of course she does...

Scenario 3:

Kyle: WBJ, WBJ... 3 O'clock... WBJ

Dion: Errrrr Mehhhhh Gerrrrrrddddd!!!
by Japeseye August 03, 2018
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