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Work At Home Out Of Office - WAHOOO -

sounds more like fun, than work, and it is.
Many of us in I.T. land work at home, at times to varying degrees.
When you "WAHOOO" you are telling your co-workers you will be reading emails
and moving the ball forward minimally but more probably working around the house, doing household chores,
taking care of kids. running errands. Its a low intensity work day.
You are available if something blows up, but don't expect too much..
1. I am going to WAHOOO tomorrow, the kids are sick.
2. Getting an early start on the weekend, I will WAHOOO in the AM.
3. I worked all weekend on the problem ticket so I need to WAHOOO today.
by Sc00t3r December 02, 2013
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Exclamation made by legendary people to other friends when they learn that their submission onto sites such as,, and have been accepted and published.
Petey: That word I made up just got published on!
Jordyn: WAHOOO! That really embarassing FML that happened to me today was published on!
Petey: WAHOO!
by manyperson August 10, 2009
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