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Wack Ass Gay God of Testicles

Someone that is extremely homosexual. Beyond flamer, and usually a dick about it.

Goddamn motherfucking W.A.G.G.O.T!
by JTako November 28, 2007
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(noun) A person who sits on the front porch and intimidates, says negative things, or otherwise makes things unpleasant for those nearby.
The boys walked past the house of old man Thompson, the neighborhood porch dick, who always assumed they were up to no good.
by bigweaseldaddy March 08, 2015
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A wannabe faggot. A waggot is an effeminate straight or bisexual guy who purposely imitates all the gay male stereotypes to try to gain acceptance into the gay subculture.

This is usually the result of being socially rejected by his straight peers because of his effeminate looks or speech - guys would bully him and call him a pussy, and girls would sometimes talk to him but would never date him (even with his sensitive personality and good hygiene). This in affect gives them more in common with goths and emos than with the gay culture.

The ironic twist is that real gay guys rarely give waggots the time of day because even the most effeminate gay men out there consider waggots pansies, so waggots usually end up socially rejected by gays too - and in the end they're forced to find companionship with other waggots and straight girls who think they're funny but would never fuck them for their life.

Symptoms of waggotry:

*Decking out in makeup, women's clothing and tons of accessories - that don't even match and are in horrible taste. Real gay men don't actually cross-dress and unlike waggots they actually have a good fashion sense.

*Excessive use of emoticons and Valley Girl speak during texts and online chat - with no grammar skills whatsoever.

*Talking with an annoying high-pitched nasally voice. And laughing out load or or saying cute things like "totally!" or "fabulous!" seemingly at random during conversations.

*Asking people on online forums for advice on what color short shorts would look best on you - and what color thong briefs you should wear with your short shorts.

*Calling anyone a homophobe who points out that you're a waggot or just a pansy ass loser in general.

My class is having a car wash to raise money for our

spring break trip, and they thought it would be funny if i wore short shorts XD you think I should do it? XDXD


Uh whatever dude that sounds kind of gay but sure go for it if you want. I don't care. lol


Awesome XDXD Black Or White shorts? What about black and pink shorts? maybe black shorts with pink lettering on the ass that says "Golddiggah" in glitter XD

God where would i find these shorts??!?!?!

and btw im wondering if i should trim my legs XD


Dude shove it you stupid waggot. I can tell you aren't even gay if you actually think that gay guys talk like that. You're more like just a straight-up attention whore. So stfu you annoying little bitch!
by GeorgeMichael August 27, 2009
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A waggot is a school boy bitch, that is the kid in your group of friends that bitches out about evrything, a waggot is the kid who freaks out while doing something mischievious and then later shares with his friends about the cool stuff he just did. This person appears to be a huge tool but they try to pretend like they are the shit. This persons activities include heavily masturbating to lesbian porn, watching the O.C., playing gamecube for long lengths of time, horse back riding, learning multiple foreign languages, and last but not least having a robot collection. A waggot is the guy who thinks he is a player because he lets girls cheat off of him. The last sign of a waggot would be possessing japanese anime comic books. This person's attire sometimes consists of ripped jeans and fine silk robes. This person usually is not marked as "weird" or "hated" just the fagg that nobody truly likes.
That kid is such a waggot, why is he so waggish.
by The one who is anonomous October 20, 2009
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Wannabe faggot. Somebody who's too straight but wants to be gay.
That dude loves pussy,but I don't know why he's such a waggot.
by TheArsid June 18, 2010
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