Stands for Weak Ass Broth Syndrome. When your broth game is just too weak.
Dude. This ramen has a serious case of W.A.B.S.

Help combat W.A.B.S. by adding more flavor.
by KrystaIKlear May 27, 2019
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Acronym: Whore, Ass, Bitch, Slut.

For any particularly disgusting individual.

Related to the infamous sreyaism.
She wears such tight clothes. She's such a WABS.

My sister is a WABS, don't listen to her.
by Shen June 29, 2004
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W: Weak
A: Ass
B: Broth
S: Syndrome

This is when you make instant ramen noodles with the recommended amount of water and yet the broth is a bit weak.
When i made some ramen noodles for lunch, it had a serious case of "W.A.B.S"
by SomeRandomFurry October 15, 2018
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