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of, or pertaining to, a vortex. resembling a vortex, particularly the movement of energy in relation to a singularity at its source, as in a whirpool or blackhole.

more than its sister word vortical, vortexual conveys the notion that any event can also be contextualised in its relationship with other events that might or might not be connected by the same vortex.

hints at the fabric of space time continuum.
her dream of the sky swirling with clouds, planets and stars could only be described as vortexual, since it was clear that everything she was seeing would all shortly disappear into a single micro dot of ultimate density on the event horizon. she became aware of a vortexual sensation of sick in her stomach and knew immediately that everything, including herself, was spinning in exactly the same spiraling way, towards an inevitable centre.

when and how that would take place, she could not fathom, yet she could not deny how she felt. she felt vortexual, as if her very soul had a texture inextricably linked to the fabric of the universe.
by MemphisofMoses October 26, 2010
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