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A) Worst than your everyday snitch!

B) Anyone that goes out of their way to skiff someone else over by voluntatntelling on them to The Man for shit that is none of their fucking buisness!

C) Informant aka Snitch Bitch

D) True blue Friendemy
Dorthy was the first in line to serve Timmy an ass beating of a lifetime at the playground after getting his fellow peers detention for being the teachers class voluntatnteller!

The only thing a Kewnu got for vulantatntelling Roberto's personal business to the badge was was a brown nose, D.O.C number, unsupervised protective custody, a black eye, and one hell of a headache.

After being voluntatntold on by his good ol not so good pal Little skeet, Bigg Billy Bob Joe Smith got out of the pen and immediately went and taught his friendemy a valuable lesson about the ethics of street smarts and the values of friendship.
by DrunkenGnomes November 26, 2014
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