an action that was suggested for you by someone else
I didn't know about the task I had, I guess I had been voluntold.
by I _will_try_next_time April 11, 2017
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A made up word by a teacher I have. If someone volunteers someone else, it means that you are the one presenting if you’re in a group for a project.
β€œI voluntold my group member. Which made me go because I can’t volunteer someone else.”
by Roblock March 09, 2021
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When your boss needs volunteers for bullshit events or jobs that no way in hell you would do in their spare time. This leads being voluntold and randomly picking people to volunteer. Very common in the U.S. Military.
Sergeant: Listen up! We need (2) two volunteers to help out with moving stuff.
Unit: *Remains silent*
idiot: Moving what stuff Sarge?
Sergeant: Ok, now i need one volunteer!
idiot: fuck me. I just got voluntold.
by riddlecker February 11, 2016
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Being Volun-Told means someone volunteers a person or multiple persons to do something for them or someone else and is usually used in school
Hayden was Volun-Told to do something by his teacher
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by TypicalUrban February 17, 2019
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being involuntarily volunteered to perform a job or task as a result of being absent from a business meeting
I was unable to attend the staff meeting this morning and, as a consequence, I was "voluntold" to take on the responsibility for completing several critical assignments
by csachs22 January 18, 2011
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