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A voland is a person or individule that maintains a neutrality to all factions it comes in contact with yet will make deals with these factions often causesing terrible damage and elaborate sabotoge and subterfuge to a faction in exchange for something from another faction.

A extreamly skilled hitman that deystroys people or groups indirectly by pulling strings behind the scenes.
A coporation is competeing with a rival corporation and in order to get ahead they hire a voland to infiltrate the opposing company and cause problems by means of elaborate and undetectable espionage and subterfuge. A voland normmaly has legal or otherwise access to large databases of information like credit card numbers and SS numbers. A voland will do these things in exchnage for something as simple as an otherwise completly useless yet extreamly old object like a boot from a WW1 uniform.
by Arastide May 06, 2009
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