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The corruptor of the conscience. A very dangerous thing to do. Do not attempt a voidroamer without the proper protection. You must first find a woman with a brother. Preferably the brother is a very tough man. While having anal sex with the woman, you donkey punch her so hard that she passes right out. After the fact, you proceed to phone her brother and tell him the details of what just happened, and sound happy about it, even tell him it was amazing. If you picked the right person, the brother will then attempt to beat you up. If you win the fight, you have successfully performed a voidroamer and can bragg to all your friends how you beat both of them at their own games! If you lose, try again until you have it. The process of describing the act to her brother is called voidroamer. A successful performer of this act is a voidmaster.
Man, Sherry's brother was pissing me off, so I got at him by giving her a voidroamer. Too bad I lost the fight against her brother.
by Jada12 May 15, 2007
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