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Verb- What results when a person attempts to use as many large words in a statement with the intent of sounding more intelligent than he/she really is. Often paired with a thesaurus, Google, or Wikipedia, as well as a large amount of personal insecurity.

Words used in such a manner are often incorrect, and wielded most commonly by people in the 16-20 age bracket, as well as graduate students.
"The line between morality and legality is blurred in such extreme cases. People who commit acts of pedophilia now would continue to do so with no legal measures to discourage that, and vice versa. Legislating morality that isn't so clear-cut is a definite path to controversy and the institutionalization and coercion of our subjectivity. Whereas murder is a concept to which the vast majority of people are opposed, consensual sex between minor and adult is not a biological manifestation. I don't feel we would have significantly higher rates of pedophilia or other societally reprehensible practices; and, if we did, it would be willful; most importantly, it would displace the onus of responsibility from the government to the parent, which is more empowering and encourages active, instructive, and beneficial parenting (while also reducing the power of the state--always a good thing)."

"Ohnoes, you just vocabubabbled us to death with that. Good job."
by MBCD August 12, 2008
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