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VIRP - Virtual Intercourse with Real People

Interacting with a real person through virtual reality, while engaging in physical contact and intercourse with a sex doll which is a representation of this person locally.

Invented by the folks at Camsoda + Realdoll
I think I'll just stay home and virp tonight.
Wanna virp later?
I was virping when my mom walked in, so embarassing!
When my wife is out of town we always virp to stay close.
by virtuagirl January 24, 2018
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V = Voltage
I = Current
R = Resistance
P = Power

Used in Physics to find different values within circuits.
It took me all night to VIRP that circuit!
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A burp containing a smalll amount of vomit usually associated with nerves, indegestion, or being active on a very full stomach.
I hate when I virp because it tastes nasty and we always swallow right away after.
by Garrett September 20, 2004
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