What was once a raggedy community college in the middle of downtown Richmond has become the most wild and fun damn university in Virginia; just ask a Tech kid about it.
It's Saturday at Virginia Commonwealth University, so, yes, I am having a damn wild time. How is that house party in Harrisonburg, nerd?

Is that girl wearing a top? Why, no. She isn't. God, I love Richmond.
by mannishboy23 February 6, 2011
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Best damn school in the state of Virginia. For people to like to have a good time and learn a lil something while their at it. Every type of person is welcome, we dont judge - we party.

Best art, medicine, and mass communications schools around.

Best parties, clubs on every street, with the best damn people around. You can be yourself at VCU, we dont judge people like those snobs at U of R, dont have high STD rate like the hoes of JMU, and def know how to party it up unlike the lames of UVA.

Has Broad Street, the best place to hang with friends and eat, or just chill. Who else has Coldstone, Quiznoes, 5 Guys, Chipotle, and Extreme Pizza on the same strip?

Virginia Commonwealth University is the place to be. If you aint a Ram, you aint bout shit!
by vcucutie April 23, 2009
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also known as virginia commonhoe university, this is a fun school with a very diverse group of students. It's a lil sketch in some parts but it's nothing pepper spray cant fix
Man I love Virginia Commonwealth University, it's a goodie.
by ilovefrankocean June 12, 2018
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